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Sean Kingston and mother Janice arrested after cops discover duo allegedly led $1m fraud ring as stunning arrests go public

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Jamaican musician Sean Kingston yea that Sean Kingston has some explaining to do. According to court docs, Kingston and his mother have been arrested on fraud charges.

The Lowdown

According to court docs seen by Daily News America, Kingston and his mother Janice are accused of running a massive fraud ring believed to have been worth more than $1m. Federal authorities conducted raids on Kingston’s rented Fort Lauderdale mansion over the weekend as a result of the arrests.

What happened?

Docs show that federal prosecutors claim the duo basically started out with the idea to scheme and scam — and totally ran with it. Broward County police were responsible for the initial arrest warrants.

Kingston and his Mom Janice, 61, are accused of fraudulently obtaining money, jewelry, a Cadillac Escalade and furniture. Docs also show that from October to March, and brace yourself, the duo went on a lavish fraud spree.

During that spree, it is alleged they conspired to obtain $500,000 worth of jewelry, about $200,000 from Bank of America, $160,000 via an Escalade dealer, just to name a few of the many financial crimes they’re accused of.

This is not the first time Kingston and his Mom have found themselves in trouble with the law. Back in 2018, the duo was sued by a jeweler in New York City after it was claimed that they duped them out of 9 different items and were ordered to pay $301,000.



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