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Onlyfans performer #CourtneyClenney charged with the vicious murder of her boyfriend

Miami based Onlyfans performre Courtney Clenney aka Courtney Tailor is going to prison. According to reports, Clenney was arrested in Hawaii this week on charges of murder related to the stabbing death of her longtime boyfriend Christian Obumseli, 27. Christian was stabbed to death back in April in their joint shared apartment n Miami although the full reasoning for such is unclear. Clenney maintains per police that it was self-defense though it is clear they don't believe that. Multiple reports claim that the couple had a long history of domestic violence though other reports indicate Clenney was usually and typically the aggressor.

Polio appears to be spreading in New York here’s what you need to know *right now*

Editors Note: The New York State Department of Health has announced that it understands that hundreds of New Yorkers likely are infected with polio following an initial diagnosis in a young man upstate. The diagnosis led to further surveillance in the waterways and such near Rockland County, however, officials now believe that the virus has further spread. CBS reports that water samples in Rockland and Orange County have both turned up traces of the once long gone virus. As it stands, polio vaccines exist but they only matter if the vaccination is actually taken by a patient. This means that unvaccinated children and adults are at most risk if they refuse to vaccinate. A quick research on the topic found that this virus cannot be cured. A statement from health officials...

Khloe Kardashian and her mysterious beau have split up

Reality star Khloe Kardashian is once again on the market. According to E! News, Kardashian and the mysterious private equity investor she began seeing earlier this year have split up. Sources told the website that the two simply just fizzled out though remain friends. The news comes just after Kardashian welcomed her 2nd child with disgraced cheater Tristan Thompson via surrogacy. "Khloe is enjoying being single with her sole focus on being a mom and her work," the insider added. "Khloe is open to finding love again if the right person comes into her life, but is really happy right now. She is not looking and in no rush."

The Inflation Reduction Act (and the one change) explained

Democrats are still on track to have their massive bill passed though courtesy of the Senate rules arbiter one small piece of that legislation must go. According to the AP, Elizabeth Macdonough (the arbiter) ultimately decided that Democrats remove language imposing hefty penalties on drugmakers that boost their prices beyond inflation in the private insurance market. In parts of the bill, Democrats made clear that those particular pieces of the bill were the chief pricing protections that Democrats had hoped to kick off for more than 180m people. Those protections would've proved beneficial considering the sheer average cost of healthcare in the United States and the fact that it is still rising. Everything else in the bill including the power to negotiate drug prices for Medicare ...

Kim Kardashian broke up with Pete Davidson, here’s all the juicy details about the world’s most annoying relationship

E! News is out with a scoop this weekend that Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Pete Davidson have broken up. The twosome reportedly broke up after 9 months together following reports that their demanding schedules just got to be quite allot for the couple to handle. Other reports, however, claim that Kimmy just got tired of the fact that Davidson is younger and 'allegedly immature.'

Monkeypox is officially a public health emergency in the United States

The ongoing monkeybox outbreak in the United States has now been declared a public health emergency. According to the Biden Administration, Thursday 's declaration will now allow the government to use federal resources in a more speedy manner. This also includes the production of the limited monkeypox vaccine in the country. The United States is collectively experiencing the world's most significant monkeypox outbreak at this present moment in time. There are more than 6,000 registered infections across America at this time. According to the Department of Health and Human Services the government says about 1.6m Americans right now at this time have been found to be at the highest risk for the once rare virus. However the government is only in possession of about 500,000 vaccines at ...

Instagram is reversing some of those really annoying changes after the Kardashian ‘s chimed in about how bad they were

Backlash came and then that backlash was backed up by the likes of Kylie Jenner which has since resulted in a U-turn by the social media app. According to an announcement, the change that resulted in IG opening to full screen videos has been reversed.

Sinema may be the reason Dems lose out on yet another major piece of legislation

Senator Krysten Sinema is once again th Democratic (or so called Democratic) hold over that appears to be ready to tank her party 's legislative hopes. According to reports, Sinema did not show to a caucus meeting on Thursday and instead had flown back to AZ but had a copy of the 725 page bill in tow. The bill was originally negotiated by Joe Manchin and Schumer in a month 's long process. It is unclear if Sinema will even go for it but reports also indicate that she is willing to let GOPers make as many amendments as they want.

A bombshell new documentary is here about the most scammy influencer of them all

Caroline Colloway is back to claim her title as the most entitled scammy brat there ever was. In a new documentary in the UK titled "My Insta Scammer Friend" former friends of the American con-artist reveal all about how the once sought-after influencer scammed those closest to her with bizarre promises and seminars that never existed. We won't go into much detail here because we don't want to provide this woman too much publicity but the documentary is available via the BBC.

House votes to reinstate assault weapons ban but thanks to GOPers it’s dead on arrival in Senate

On Friday the Democratic controlled house passed yet again its attempt to reign in the use of assault weapons in the United States. Of course this means that this is at least the second time Democrats have stuck to their agenda and made an effort, however, Republicans have largely blocked all weaponry legislation in the country due to being in bed with the gun lobby. The AP reports that due to the GOP it is likely dead on arrival despite widespread American support and support among Democratic legislators.
Celebrity News

Kelis ‘s longtime beef with Pharrell Williams and The Neptunes resurfaces after Beyonce sampled her song on Renaissance album

If you're old enough you probably remember Kelis 's heyday and the heartbreaking aftermath that followed in the battle over her masters and the rights to her royalties and songs. Those rights as many of you know were later stolen by people like Pharrell Wiliams and Chad Hugo then known as the Neptunes. Kelis broke into the music biz pretty much in her mid to late teens but was conned out of the rights to her own projects by those in which produced them for her. This is not the first time Kelis has accused Beyonce of sampling her stuff. Way back in the day, Beyonce was accused of ripping off Kelis for her 2006 hit Ring the Alarm and then sampling a 1999 track by Kelis off of her smash hit album Kaleidoscope (that song was called Caught Out There.) This is the song that was...
American Politics

A third political party in America is launching (again) but nobody knows if it will succeed but probably will divide

Former politician Andrew Yang (think: the UBI guy) is back in the headlines amid reports that he and a group of former lawmakers are forming a third major party in the United States. But it is anyone's guess if the party will actually take flight in the United States because of how divided the country currently is behind the scenes. The new party will be called "Forward" and will be co-chaired by Andrew Yang and Christine Whitman the former Governor of New Jersey. It is unclear though if the political party will actually gain traction considering this is an election year in the United States. Yang is perhaps best known for his own previous Presidential aspirations and the fact that he had proposed the idea of Universal Basic Income. While many support the idea of UBI, many just...
Celebrity News

Shakira to stand trial for tax fraud + facing prison time if convicted

Colombian pop star Shakira is facing some hefty fines and potential prison time over claims that she evaded millions in taxes between 2012 and 2014 in the country of Spain. Bazaar Daily UK notes that the popstar is facing more than $15m in fines and may face some time behind bars as Spanish prosecutors are preparing to duke it on during her trial. Shakira however reportedly maintains that she did not live in Spain full time and instead had a full time residence in the Bahamas according to public records in the country. The singer declined an offer from prosecutors to avoid trial in essence but now may face trouble if she's convicted. She is understood to have been in Spain at the time to support her ex-partner.
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Warren Buffet ‘s mortgage company discriminated against Black and Latino homebuyers DOJ says

Trident Mortgage Company (aka part of Warren Buffet 's HomeServices of America) has caught the ire of the DOJ. According to the DOJ, an investigation has found that the PA based Trident Mortgage Company discriminated against Black and Latino potential homebuyers on a wide scale. Multiple reports indicate that not only did they discriminate against people they also made rude comments that some neighborhoods were "ghetto" and then posed in front of confederate flags. “Trident’s unlawful redlining activity denied communities of color equal access to residential mortgages, stripped them of the opportunity to build wealth, and devalued properties in their neighborhoods,” said Kristen Clarke, an assistant attorney general of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, in a prepared s...
American Politics

Nancy Pelosi is at the center of some pretty serious drama amid claims China may shoot down her plane if she goes to Taiwan

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi probably wishes that whoever works in her office would stop leaking travel plans to the media. This week it emerged that Pelosi 's previously scheduled April trip to Taiwan is now upcoming in August after she rescheduled over COVID-19 earlier this year. The trip now, however, has caught the attention of senior Chinese government officials who apparently are eyeing everything from conflict to literally shutting down Taiwan 's airspace in a no-fly zone. That would essentially mean if Pelosi 's plane attempts to cross that no-fly zone the Chinese would likely attempt to shoot it down. Pelosi's office has themselves neither confirmed nor denied reports of the trip due to security protocols in place. American wishes to maintain its strategy of strategic amb...
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