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A study now says in some people schizophrenia may be prevalent when using marijuana

Schizophrenia and cannabis are getting allot of media attention this week amid a study that now says that the disease and cannabis use almost in some cases go hand in hand. The Denmark based survey conducted recently found that the reported number of cases of schizophrenia rose when pot use was also a factor in […]

Nancy Pelosi has another GOPer in mind for insurrection committee investigating the attack on Washington

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is on a mission and a mission she appears set on overcoming. According to reports, Pelosi is mulling adding Rep Adam Kinzinger to the 6 Jan insurrection committee investigating the terrorist attack on Washington. Kinzinger is one of just very few vocal Trump critics that aligns with Pelosi’s own anti-Trump approach. […]

Joe Biden may have used a secret email server drawing comparisons to Hilary Clinton’s e-mail scandal

President Biden according to the very documents leaked from his son’s laptop appears to be email savvy. According to multiple reports, Hunter Biden’s laptop this week exposed the use a private server on behalf of the now President. Of course the revelations have sent right wing America into a tizzy considering this has happened before. […]

Acid shooting scorpions are roaming about parts of West Texas

If you’re in Texas this fascinating one is for you. According to TX officials, a 3 inch bout of acid shooting scorpions has been discovered in the state. According to the state’s park service, the scorpion is dangerous to humans as its tail can shoot 85% acetic acid. They’re only dangerous if actually disturbed according […]

In wake of members death, Hillsong founder says vaccines are nothing more than a choice

In the midst of a vaccination struggle in America, and people needlessly dying because they’re misinformed, Hillsong Church is the latest place to see loss due to misinformed beliefs. This week news reports confirmed that church member Stephen Harmon died from complications of COVID-19 because he had refused to get the vaccination. The same vaccination […]

Bust of KKK leader to be removed from Tennessee capitol as America continues to reckon with its inhumane past

As America continues to reckon with its past whether a certain sub-section of America likes that or not even more confederate statues are coming down. According to officials in Tennessee, the bust of slave-trader and racist asshole. “I’m pleased that those people on the commission had enough courage to respect the voice of the Tennesseans,” […]

AL Gov: Blame the unvaccinated for the surge in the Coronavirus

Alabama ‘s often petulant and discriminatory Governor is back in the news. According to Kay Ivey, the unvaccinated in the United States should be to blame for the current wave of the Coronavirus sweeping much of America. “Folks are supposed to have common sense. But it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the […]

Venmo is removing the “global feed” that lets you see strangers payments

Citing privacy concerns following a Buzzfeed News and New York Times report the really annoying feature that allowed strangers to see who you pay is now gone. According to the company, after record interest in contactless payments and cash-sending apps new moves to protect user privacy are on the horizon. In the Buzzfeed report, reporters […]

Foul mouthed dipshit Katie Hopkins has been deported after mocking COVID rules

Because those COVID rules are in part what is saving her life and that of those around her but Katie Hopkins doesn’t care. As she was apparently in country to film Celebrity Big Brother, Hopkins instead used her spare time while in waiting to mock the country’s fairly strict COVID-19 protocols that have been in […]

Those TX Dems who fled to stop voting bill are contracting COVID-19

5 of them and counting at that. According to the group of runaway Democrats who successfully temporarily blocked a voting bill in the state’s political ecosystem, five members of the group have tested positive for what is understood to be the Delta variant. The Huffington Post reports that there were more than 50 or so […]

Illinois is cracking down on police who lie to minors to coerce false confessions

Police in Illinois might have to rethink their tactics at this point. According to a new bill signed by Gov. JB Pritzker — police in the state are no longer permitted to use common interrogation tactics out of concern that they often produce false confessions. Police coercion is fairly common and often leads to mistrials; […]

MN ‘s Governor has restricted “conversion therapy” by executive order

Minnesota is now the latest U.S state to block the use conversion therapy against those who are LGBTQ+. For those who aren’t hip to what that means never fear we’ve got you covered. Conversion therapy is an illegal tactic used by right-wing people and extreme religious groups in an unfounded effort to “cure” what they […]

Maryland has been ordered to reinstate its federal unemployment benefits immediately per a court ruling

Contrary to the popular argument benefits aren’t ending so fast in Americas originally thought. According to the Huffington Post, the state of Maryland has been ordered to turn back on pandemic and federal emergency unemployment benefits immediately following a judges ruling. Circuit judge Fletcher-Hill ruled in an injunction that Gov Hogan illegally tried to halt […]

States are still battling over who gets unemployment benefits and who doesn’t

Two words some Americans have become all too familiar with in the past year: unemployment benefits. Those benefits have been a critical actor in keeping many family’s alive at a time in which jobs aren’t paying enough but Republicans would like Americans to believe there are other reasons people are still drawing from the dole. […]

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