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American citizens are *Not* among those being released by Hamas today as U.S braces to find out when they’ll be released to come home

Hostage negotiations so far have kept Americans out. According to reports, the WH has confirmed and acknowledged that there are no Americans set to be released today in ongoing exchange efforts. CNN reports that the WH released the following statement as hostage and prisoner exchanges remain underway in Gaza today. “The President secured the release…

Local News

New York has enacted the Clean Slate act which seals some criminal records so people can have an easier time finding a job and an apartment

New York has taken a big step to rectify an often large problem. According to reports, NY has enacted what is called the Clean Slate Act which seals some but not all criminal records in terms of employment and searching for an apartment to call home. On Thursday, Governor Kathy Hochul formally signed New York’s…

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