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Onlyfans performers accused of sexual assault after publishing shocking footage that should’ve never been online

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A pair of shocking videos are making their rounds on the internet and before anyone asks we’re not showing them here. Bazaar Daily America discovered a series of videos published by Onlyfans performers Jacobi and another named Alex.

The Lowdown

The footage seen by Bazaar Daily America also sees adult film veteran Castro Supreme make an appearance however things were off from the start. In the footage, Supreme is seen clearly disoriented and barely moving.

It appears not only is there audio there is also footage of the alleged assault.

In another part of the footage, and we have to warn you what you are about to read is really sad.

Supreme while disoriented is heard in audio that he is being sexually assaulted by Jacobi and Alex.

Because of how graphic the audio is we can’t broadcast that here.

You were warned though.

National Sexual Assault Hotline

Hours: Available 24 hours

Call 1-800-656-4673



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