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Americana Express: Trump could potentially do some time, what’s on TV tonight, pols are trying to goad NY into giving Trump a pardon, plus more top stories to start your day

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Good morning everyone and welcome to this edition of Americana Express the first-ever edition of The Express ‘s American newsletter.

  1. What’s on TV tonight?

Tonight we’re giving Netflix a shot with Godzilla Minus One. Honorable mention to The Mother’s Killer also.

2. Pols are trying to goad New York into giving Trump a pardon because you know state charges and all.

As expected, some pols are trying to secure a pardon for Donald Trump following his felony convictions in New York. According to reports, one Democrat is out claiming that a pardon is in the good for the country which couldn’t be any furthest from the truth.

3. Trump could face up to three years in prison following his convictions in New York state all of which are felonies and there are 34 of them.

According to reports, there are six punishments that Donald Trump could face come his sentencing in July. Among them some believe he may be sentenced to one to three years in prison for the felony charges while some disagree. Many of the six scenarios are expected to keep Trump from the campaign trail or heavily impede his efforts to be on it.

4. Donald Trump is on Tik Tok years after he tried to ban the app so people should probably expect misinformation and lies.

Years after he tried to ban the app, Donald Trump is now on the app in an effort to goad young voters into voting for him. According to reports, the Trump campaign joined the app over the weekend in an effort to connect with younger voters. It isn’t clear how long the account will last given the campaign ‘s history with misinformation that would fly in the face of Tik Tok ‘s TOS.



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