29 May, 2024

Sean Kingston and mother Janice arrested after cops discover duo allegedly led $1m fraud ring as stunning arrests go public

Jamaican musician Sean Kingston yea that Sean Kingston has some explaining to do. According to court docs, Kingston and his mother have been arrested on fraud charges. The Lowdown According to court docs seen by Daily News America, Kingston and his mother Janice are accused of running a massive fraud ring believed to have been […]

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Judge presiding over Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial has set conditions for such to begin

Biden’s anticipated gun trial over the 2018 weapons case has arrived. According to reports, conditions allowing the trial to begin have been announced but things are expected to get messy. The Lowdown Hunter Biden’s trial over his infamous 2918 gun case looms. According to the case, conditions for the trial have been set and now […]

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Grad student infamously accused of murdering professor found guilty of first-degree murder charge

Murad Dervish was found guilty this week of murdering a professor. The Lowdown According to reports, Murad Dervish was found guilty on Tuesday of shooting Thomas Meixner 11 times. During the time of the October 2022 shooting, Murad, 48, had already been removed and banned from campus for threatening numerous people who worked at the […]

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Diddy can’t be charged even though there’s now evidence of him attacking Cassie in a hotel hallway: LA DA

Los Angeles’s District Attorney has according to reports announced that due to the statute of limitations charges cannot be filed. Diddy was seen yesterday in shocking footage that showed him violently attacking Ventura despite his claims otherwise. The Lowdown According to several reports, Diddy will not be charged over the footage of him beating and […]

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A sexual assault victim has come forward with stunning claims of sexual abuse at the hands of a now Talkspace therapist: Exclusive

The following article may be triggering for certain demographics to read. The article contains references to reported abuses of power and allegations of sexual assault at the hands of a licensed therapist and social worker. Bazaar Daily America after more than a year of investigating this story has decided to publish a stunning expose on […]

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Colorado police are hunting a local Mom who allegedly offed both of her children and wounded a third in grisly double murder

A wild story in Colorado today as local police and authorities are hunting for a local Mom who allegedly murdered both of her children. According to KDVR, Kimberly Singler, 35, is wanted on alleged murder charges after police discovered the bodies of her children after responding to reports of a burglary in her home. The […]

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Latest round of relief funds in case of Bernie Madoff brings closer an end to the story of notorious fraudster

Notorious fraudster Bernie Madoff’s anniversary of his crimes is here. Relief funds for victims of his massive Ponzi scheme, according to reports, has now recovered nearly 91% of losses involved. CNBC notes that the fund during this round of payments paid out more than $150.8m. It has been 15 years almost to the day of […]

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Lionel Dahmer father of infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer dead at 87

Lionel Dahmer perhaps best known for his son more than anything has died. Dahmer was 87 and living under hospice care in Ohio according to several reports. Despite the infamous and horrific actions of his son Lionel Dahmer was equally known for standing by his son regardless of the shocking evidence in many of the […]

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