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A Wisconsin man really ate a Big Mac a day for 50 years (totally not joking)

There are all types of food in the world but for one Wisconsin man apparently, all that matters is a Big Mac from McDonald's. This week a wild story appeared out of Wisconsin revealing that a local man has eaten a Big Mac every day (-8 times) since roughly 1972. That means Don Gorske has eaten more than 30,000 Big Macs over the past several decades at his local Fond Du Lac restaurant. "All through life here, a lot of people said, 'You’ll be dead before you reach 50 years of eating Big Macs.' I guess I proved them wrong," Gorske said, per KCRG.

North Korea ‘s Coronavirus problem is getting much worse than what they’re telling the world

' North Korea's struggle with the Coronavirus is apparently much worse than what Korean officials are admitting to the world. According to NBC News, North Korea has recently despite its own claims otherwise has experienced an explosion in cases and hospitalizations. This is worrying among residents and the like considering North Korea is understood not to have its own vaccine program and may not have access to many if any international vaccine programs. Previous sanctions against the country have made it increasingly difficult for the country to be able to access vital services; test and tracing schemes, and general vaccine availability. NBC also reports that the WHO has made numerous efforts to gain further data from the country about its COVID problem but has largely bee...
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White Guilt Money

Those were the words muttered by disgraced former BLM co-leader Patrisse Cullors. For weeks several revelations have emerged about Cullors and just how far her financial mismanagement went over within the organisation. The Daily Mail reports that Cullors even referred to the massive influx of cash following the 2020 murder of Beorge Floyd as "problematic" because she claims the group just wasn't ready for that kind of money. 'It was a major shock,' she told MSNBC's Into America podcast Monday. 'You know, contrary to what, you know, has been reported, much of the funding that came in was from individual donors. That was a lot of white guilt money. There's a lot of white folks being like, 'We just got to put the money.''

Oral sex just got a whole lot more safer thanks to this underwear

Lorals are coming and they're more protectant than anything the unloved dental dam. According to the FDA, a new brand of undies oddly called Lorals is coming for women. The vanilla-scented undies apparently offer the ability for women to engage in oral sex with more protection steering them clear of gonorrhea; syphilis, and other infections that are transmittable by means of oral sex. The dental dam was first invented in 1864 but was originally meant for non-sexual purposes and has largely been betrothed ever since.

Your Verizon bill is about to go up here’s what you need to know right now

Verizon customers are about to see some pesky costs passed on to them as the telco carrier has announced a price change. According to the U.S carrier,starting in June, administrative charges on monthly bills will go up by $1.35 per voice line to a total of $3.30, Fox Businessreports. Business customers are set to see a $2.20 monthly charge starting in June which will be labeled an "economic adjustment charge."

BLM ‘s Patrisse Cullors can’t catch a break and that is because she was never doing right to begin with

As of latte the only kind of headlines that BLM is getting are terrible ones. Terrible headlines because the group 's former co-leader Patrisse Cullors apparently is too busy preaching a ministry even she doesn't believe in. New IRS filings have revealed that the infamous home in LA that she lied about has more bad-actors than originally thought. Filings show that Cullors has hired her brother into the mix and he currently serves as head of security at the $6m mansion she lied about in the area. Docs show that on top of that Cullors' brother is believed to be among the highest-paid across BLM as a whole. These revelations come at a time of renewed scrutiny against Cullors and the org she helped run because there are very real and very serious allegations of financial mismanagement. ...

Amid rising COVID-19 cases New Yorkers are once again being advised to mask up and sanitize their hands

We're back and we have an important message this evening for our fellow New Yorkers. According to the Health Department, COVID-19 cases are actively ticking up in the region and they've become a slight concern for some. Officials are now recommending that all people over the age of 2 mask-up around others and actively remember to sanitize their hands. Just a friendly reminder that COVID-19 is not over and more than 1m people in America alone have lost their lives to this novel virus.
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Marjorie Taylor Green claims satan is the reason why women are having abortions

But that's not all. According to the often intentionally dishonest Congresswoman, satan is the reason women are having abortions so they can keep their boyfriends. Some shocking but not so shocking but still shocking comments by Marjorie are making their rounds. In a bizarre interview, the Georgia far-right Congresswoman told a religious extremist that women are pretty much nothing if they aren't or don't become mothers. "Being a mother is what makes a woman's dreams come true," not a career, she told a religious extremist. “Abortion is a lie that Satan sells to women,” Greene told’s Michael Voris in an interview. “He sells it to them.” “When Satan sells a sin, it’s not loud,” she said. “It’s whispered softly and gently into your ears and into your soul.” ...
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Grindr is selling your location data and more to the highest bidder

A data compromise at Grindr the gay dating app has surfaced. According to reports, a huge swathe of users appear to have had their location data sold to advertisers. The revelations come after it was discovered that advertisers reportedly had been getting data from the app mostly about location -- which was then without the consent of users used for other things. It does appear that advertisers may have been getting this information from historical data rather than present day data though that is unclear at this time. Back in 2020, the app claimed that it would stop all ways for this to be possible ruling out that advertisers would ever get access to app data. It does not appear that names and such were included in the data, however, experts say that some of the data ...
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Researchers are headed to Alabama to further study a sunken slave ship and what remains inside of it

Researchers are reportedly returning to Alabama to assess the long-found remains of one of the last known ships to have arrived in America carrying enslaved Africans. Researchers have revealed that today down in Mobile Alabama they're beginning a 10-day research project into the remains of a slave ship known as the Cotilda. The Alabama Historical Society is understood to be leading the research project into the ship that is believed to have sank more than 160 years ago. A maritime agency called Resolve Marine is also a part of the project. Many locals and others have called for the ship to be fully gathered and looked into and then whatever remains are taken from the ship to be studied and placed in a new museum. Originally, the ship was financed by wealthy businessman Timot...
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SCOTUS: Puerto Ricans are disqualified from some but not all federal benefits

In a shocking declaration by the Supreme Court this week, Puerto Ricans have been dealt yet another blow in their quest to be treated as equals by mainland America. According to an opinion written by right-wing judge Brett Kavanaugh -- Congress is not required to dole out *all* benefits to those living in Puerto Rico simply because they live in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico despite a common misconception is not a U.S state but rather a U.S territory which has made it a hot button political issue for many years. "In devising tax and benefits programs, it is reasonable for Congress to take account of the general balance of benefits to and burdens on the residents of Puerto Rico," Kavanaugh wrote. "In doing so, Congress need not conduct a dollar-to-dollar comparison of how its tax and benefi...

Florida is using the law to try to force Disney to stop criticizing the state ‘s homophobic laws

Florida's culture war against anything non-white male like is taking a new direction today. According to reports, government officials in the state have enacted a new law set to take flight in 2023 that is raising eyebrows. Back in 1967, the state permitted the company to run its theme park in the state as a self-governed entity. The state has now introduced legislation for next year that would reverse that self-governing status simply because Disney does not agree with the state 's "Don't Say Gay Bill." It is reverse "cancel culture" at its finest when it benefits Republicans instead of working against them but is never "OK" when it just so happens to involve a Democrat. In the words of one legislator, Disney was "being reminded that it is a guest" in the state of Florida.
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A man has been charged with arson after setting Rash nightclub on fire last month

Last month's fire at Rash in Bushwick has been declared arson. According to reports, the man behind the arson attack John Lhota, 24,  has been charged with arson for his role that left the club in shambles. “It was so dark and so smoky, I didn’t know where the door was," staffer Tyler Glenn told Rolling Stone earlier this week after being released from a hospital for smoke inhalation. "I was banging on the walls." If convicted he faces a minimum of 7 years in prison and a maximum of 40 years incarcerated.

Syacruse police are under fire after abusing a young Black boy over alleged stolen chips: Video

Police in upstate New York are facing heavy scrutiny today after a video of Syracuse cops performing a larceny stop went viral. Cops claim that the unidentified youngster allegedly stole a bag of chips from a nearby corner store, though, it's worth noting that means the theft comes out to about $1.25 or so. The video itself you'd think the poor kid stolen somebody's electric scooter -- which of the acts have left him probably traumatized for life.

A woman is dead this weekend after jumping in front of the 7th train in Queens

One thing is for certain and that is that New York City is a place where common sense says train barriers should exist but like failed camera systems -- the MTA told locals to forget about it. Our hearts go out to the young woman's family understood to have been in her early 20 's -- cops aren't saying much else. The heartbreaking act occurred just shortly after 4:15am on Friday.

Accused Brooklyn subway shooter Frank James arraigned, held without bail as case set to begin

Accused mass shooter Frank James is headed for a trial. On Friday, his arraignment in New York City began just days after he shot up a Brooklyn train station injuring more than 29 people some of them even critically (but it is understood all survived.) According to reports, James has been arraigned on no bail and is also facing federal terrorism charges for the fact that his acts took place inside of government property. “The defendant . . . opened fire on passengers on a crowded subway train, interrupting their morning commute in a way this city hasn’t seen in more than 20 years,” Assistant US Attorney Sara Winik said in court. “The defendant’s attack was premeditated, it was carefully planned and it caused terror among the victims and our entire city,” Winik said as James was...

Coronavirus Around The World

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