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Judge presiding over Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial has set conditions for such to begin

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Biden’s anticipated gun trial over the 2018 weapons case has arrived. According to reports, conditions allowing the trial to begin have been announced but things are expected to get messy.

The Lowdown

Hunter Biden’s trial over his infamous 2918 gun case looms. According to the case, conditions for the trial have been set and now mean Biden’s personal life is off limits. The Associated Press reports that that condition can change only if Biden himself testifies in the case though it is unclear if he intends to do so.

What happened?

Back in 2018, Biden allegedly kept a gun in Delaware for 11 days that he should not have had. According to the case, prosecutors claim that Biden lied on a gun application to get the gun knowing he was a felon at the time and had a history of drug use.



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