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Hochul shelved congestion pricing plan over continued subway-crime worries

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Subway crime they exists it appears to everyone except the MTA. According to reports, the widely panned plan was shelved over concerns about crime underground.

The Lowdown

Ex-Gov David Paterson has revealed the apparent reason for the axing of congestion pricing. Early on, critics lambasted the plan considering subway crime was still a thing — and that meant people who hadn’t rode the subway in years likely would do so after the plan took effect.

Some just weren’t having that.

“What she told me in a private conversation was she just thought about people who were afraid to ride the subways, so they drive their old car over the bridge, and they have to pay all this money,” Paterson said on 77 WABC radios’s “The Cats Roundtable.” 

The plan was shelved indefinitely last week following weeks of back and forth and finally a coming to reality moment for Gov Hochul.



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