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New York has enacted the Clean Slate act which seals some criminal records so people can have an easier time finding a job and an apartment

New York has taken a big step to rectify an often large problem. According to reports, NY has enacted what is called the Clean Slate Act which seals some but not all criminal records in terms of employment and searching for an apartment to call home. On Thursday, Governor Kathy Hochul formally signed New York’s…


The Local: $4m worth of pricey drugs found inside trendy pizzeria, disturbing news of a Sikh man’s murder in Queens sparks outrage, plus city to once again tighten rules for adults in migrant shelters

Welcome to this edition of The Local by Bazaar New York. 1. A huge find during a raid on a pizzeria has police talking. According to reports, a trendy pizzeria was raided this week only for cops in turn to find more than $4m worth of pricey drugs. Cops say that those involved are Gaudencio…

American Politics

Another longshot GOP candidate has exited the race for the WH as most of said party struggles to have any semblance of a plan forward

Michigan businessman Perry Johnson is the latest GOP person to fall out of the Presidential race for quite literally failing to make even the smallest of marks. According to Johnson, he pulled the plug over some things he didn’t like. “With no opportunity to share my vision on the debate stage, I have decided at…

American Politics

Settlement in border separation lawsuit seeks to block the U.S. from doing such again for 8 years

The ACLU’s lawsuit against the government that sought to seek answers and justice for families and children has now found that justice. According to reports, a settlement has been reached in connection to the suit first brought from the Trump Administration. Back during the Trump administration, Trump infamously and unlawfully separated scores of children from…

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