12 Jun, 2024

Travel Services

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Like many of the businesses we own we also operate a small travel and leisure boutique as an offprint arm of our agency. Our travel service provides low cost; steeply discounted, and ready-for-fun flights; hotels, and more.

Customers need to understand that we are simply a vendor of the links below. Most consumer complaints and issues that arise must be handled with those sites directly. One of our agents would be glad to assist consumers in the event an issue arises with the actual merchant.

*We also operate a small phone and device repair service in New York City.


Airline Services/Tickets (worldwide)

Hotel Bookings/Reservations (worldwide)

Rental Cars / 2nd Rental Car Availability (US/Worldwide)

*If you prefer to have one of us book your travel for you to allow you more time to relax and pack — feel free to give us a ring via the help bubble in the corner. Please include all necessary information; destination, persons, and other such info so we can appropriately assist.

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