4 things to know this morning as the Israeli-Hamas war continues to intensify

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Good Morning and welcome to this special edition of The Minute. In this special edition, we’re going to cover all things related to the war in Israel.

1. Israel provided a 6 hour window overnight for people to continue to attempt to evacuate.

But the conditions in the area continue to decrease after Israel cut off most basic utilities and supplies into the area. The complete siege by Israel has made it difficult to escape for Gazans because come evening they’re plunged into darkness. The only remaining exit is through Egypt but that may be a race against time.

2. Controversy over comments made by an NYU student body association continue to spark criticism:

Photographs of the people understood to have co-signed a letter regarding Israel and Hamas began appearing on the side of vehicles and other places this week. The move comes after the student lost her prestigious job offer after suggesting that Israel bore responsibility for being attacked.

3. The Rafah border crossing may not be open after all. According to reports, it is now emerging that Egypt has restricted access through the exit by the use of cement blocks. It remains unclear if the crossing will be eventually opened as scores of people await a chance to flee to safety.

4. The window of time to escape has closed.

Israel’s military issued their evacuation order but is has closed. According to reports, the order expired at 4pm local time leaving only a matter of time before the area is hit heavily once more. Israel continues to promise to take out Hamas in response to their attacks that killed scores of people including children.



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