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Evening Wires: Melania ‘s hush-hush re-up revealed in prenup talks, a shock find just blocks from infamous Bronx daycare, plus here’s your local weather report

Coast to coast Daily News America’s THE WIRES covers important news; sometimes breaking news events, and other interesting tidbits from around the web. 1. Melania Trumo quietly once again renegotiated her prenup just as Donald previously prepped to announce his second bid for the White House. New reports claim that for at least he fourth…

American Politics

Republicans want to gut funding to low-income public schools by nearly 80% but they’re not publicly talking about it

In the midst of a government shutdown, Republicans are understood to have other plans up the pipeline — and as always the cruelty is the point. MSN reports (via the Washington Post) that Republicans are proposing a cost saving measure that would otherwise gut funding for low income public schools by nearly 80%. The offensive…


Decades old murder case in Wisconsin cracked wide open after patient disclosed to nurse he allegedly killed woman 40 years ago

According to police in Wisconsin, a confession by a patient in a local hospital has led to further examinations in a long sought cold case. WKOW reports that investigators began taking a second look this weekend after the shocking revelation. The victim is believed to be that of Terry Dolowy, who at the age of…

American PoliticsCitiesNew York

Adams announces new rules as to how long single adult migrants can stay in city shelters as NYC continues to struggle amid crisis

Mayor Eric Adams has announced that the city has moved to restrict how long single adult migrants can stay in city owned shelters. The move of course comes as the city continues to care for more than 60,000 people from various countries. The Post reports that the rules are unchanged for families. Single adults are…

Citizens of Social Media

Project Veritas goes bust

Project Veritas the widely criticized sting video operation has ‘ceased operations’ following layoffs once more across the group. According to Mediaite, the troubled right-wing video group known for its intentionally edited videos of media figures and politicians claims it will continue to operate despite laying off staff but that remains unclear. The group in recent…

Citizens of America

Biden Administration has begun the first steps set to erase medical debt from U.S. credit reports for likely millions

In a pair of new announcements, the White House has announced their next move to improve the lives of ordinary Americans. According to Vice President Kamala Harris, medical debt in the process of undergoing a rule change as to how it can be reported. According to the Associated Press, the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau has…

Local News

South Carolina to resume executions after obtaining lethal injection drugs but nobody knows where they got them from

For the first time in 12 years, executions are to resume in South Carolina but not without some questions. Back in May, the state passed a secretive shield law allowing the state to quietly and secretly buy the drugs needed to kill people. Correction officials in South Carolina have announced that after several failed attempts,…

Citizens of Social Media

Elon Musk has announced that soon everyone will be req’d to pay a small monthly fee to access the X platform (but you should NOT enter your CC info on the site)

The often unpredictable X has made its next move. According to announcements by Musk, the company is gearing up to begin charging every single user a small monthly fee in order to continue to access the app. Musk might find this a hard sell considering half of X didn’t sign up for Blue in the…

Article Series

Good Afternoon: This may be the real reason Russell Brand left UK tv in shock revelation, Zelenskyy’s headed to America, plus today’s top Netflix recommendation

Good day everyone and happy Monday grab that afternoon latte and let’s get started. 1. Russell Brand ‘s UK TV career came to an end for different reasons than he initially led on allege new reports. Deadline reports that back in 2018 Brand abruptly left UK TV but now it appears we know why. According…

Celebrity NewsCrimeTV

Russell Brand has been accused of sexually assaulting and raping four women, including one who was 16 at the height of his fame: Investigation

As widely suspected, a joint newspaper investigation into the UK claims to have exposed criminal allegations against comedian Russell Brand. The documentary airing today has exposed an alleged past of sexual abuse by the comedian who just yesterday denied the allegations. This is a developing story. Below is Brand’s video that was released yesterday ahead…

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