25 May, 2024

Grad student infamously accused of murdering professor found guilty of first-degree murder charge

Murad Dervish was found guilty this week of murdering a professor. The Lowdown According to reports, Murad Dervish was found guilty on Tuesday of shooting Thomas Meixner 11 times. During the time of the October 2022 shooting, Murad, 48, had already been removed and banned from campus for threatening numerous people who worked at the […]

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Shocking footage dating back to 2016 shows rapper Diddy violently assaulting former girlfriend Cassie in the hallway of LA hotel

Disgraced rapper Diddy is back in the headlines once more. Footage from an altercation with Cassie where she is seen being struck and kicked numerous times has surfaced. The footage you are about to see is extremely disturbing and viewer discretion is advised. The footage can be viewed by clicking here.

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FL Republican vows to buck House leadership will work with Dems to get tax relief bill on the floor

Republicans in the House are still in disagreement. According to reports, Florida’s Rep Greg Stuebe is ready to work with Dems to get his bill through if Speaker Johnson continues to hold up legitimate efforts to legislate. Full Story Florida ‘s Greg Stuebe is on a mission to get a tax relief bill pushed through […]

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NC school district removes bathroom mirrors to ‘cut back’ on teens skipping class to film Tik Tok videos

Tik Tok apparently has one school district in North Carolina in a complete chokehold. According to reports, the Alamance-Burlington school district announced this week that … bathroom mirrors are on the way out. The Lowdown WFMY reports that the district has apparently been having a tough time keeping kids in class whom are instead headed […]

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SELL OUT: GOP candidate Nikki Haley in her own words admits she’d set Donald Trump free with a pardon even though he betrayed the very country she is trying to represent

Nikki Haley almost appears certain that all media coverage is good coverage evidently. Following a series of questions from a 9 year old in N.H, Haley has suggested she would pardon Trump despite his betrayal against the United States and the many laws broken. GOP PRESIDENTIAL hopeful Nikki Haley certainly might want to further explain […]

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Colorado police are hunting a local Mom who allegedly offed both of her children and wounded a third in grisly double murder

A wild story in Colorado today as local police and authorities are hunting for a local Mom who allegedly murdered both of her children. According to KDVR, Kimberly Singler, 35, is wanted on alleged murder charges after police discovered the bodies of her children after responding to reports of a burglary in her home. The […]

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Fed judge blocks Apple Watch ban (at least for now)

Amid an ongoing patent dispute over the required technology for blood pressure monitoring — a fed judge has placed a temporary hold on the ban pending further outcomes from the case. According to reports, the ongoing dispute over Apple ‘s series 9 and Ultra watches continues. Reports that a federal judge has blocked the ban […]

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