SELL OUT: GOP candidate Nikki Haley in her own words admits she’d set Donald Trump free with a pardon even though he betrayed the very country she is trying to represent

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Nikki Haley almost appears certain that all media coverage is good coverage evidently. Following a series of questions from a 9 year old in N.H, Haley has suggested she would pardon Trump despite his betrayal against the United States and the many laws broken.

GOP PRESIDENTIAL hopeful Nikki Haley certainly might want to further explain herself. In a chat with a 9 year old in NH, Haley according to reports is the latest GOPer to cape for Donald Trump despite the laundry listen of indictments and criminal cases currently pending against him.

It’s important to remember that Haley wants to represent the United States and simply suggesting the in a blanket manner that pardoning Donald Trump is good for everybody should disqualify her from the race for the White House.

Nikki Haley does not speak for everyone.

We’ve collected the video so you can see for yourself.



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