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Free For All: In latest round of benefits for illegal arrivals, NY to begin handing out cash assistance payments to illegals as golden handouts continue

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New York ‘s Office of Temporary Disability and Assistance is catching heat this weekend after it was revealed they’re allowing non-citizens to collect cash assistance payments meant for actual New Yorkers. According to a quietly made change to their policy, illegal arrivals are now permitted to seek such payments so long as they have pending asylum applications.

The Lowdown

This means that under the policy change and state law that the office is according to reports using taxpayer funds to once more give huge handouts to people who have never worked or lived in New York before and have never paid a dime in taxes. Some reports suggest that the benefits from this angle may be up to $350 a month to further buy food and baby supplies on top of the reported credit cards being issued to illegal arrivals.

It is the latest example of New York City robbing locals blind to roll out the welcome mat for people who in numerous instances now are quite literally shooting locals and knocking them upside the head across the boroughs. The most recent instance of this was the shooting in Times Square whereas a 15 year old illegal teen has been arrested and charged as an adult with attempted murder after a botched armed robbery gone wrong.



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