12 Jun, 2024

Hochul shelved congestion pricing plan over continued subway-crime worries

Subway crime they exists it appears to everyone except the MTA. According to reports, the widely panned plan was shelved over concerns about crime underground. The Lowdown Ex-Gov David Paterson has revealed the apparent reason for the axing of congestion pricing. Early on, critics lambasted the plan considering subway crime was still a thing — […]

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Free For All: In latest round of benefits for illegal arrivals, NY to begin handing out cash assistance payments to illegals as golden handouts continue

New York ‘s Office of Temporary Disability and Assistance is catching heat this weekend after it was revealed they’re allowing non-citizens to collect cash assistance payments meant for actual New Yorkers. According to a quietly made change to their policy, illegal arrivals are now permitted to seek such payments so long as they have pending […]

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Rep George Santos pleads not guilty to campaign finance fraud charges

Rep George Santos has entered a plea in the federal case against the notorious liar. According to NBC, Santos has plead not guilty to both the fraud charges and identity theft charges stemming from his alleged years long scheme. Disgraced Rep George Santos has entered a plea in the wide ranging federal case against him. […]

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Report: FDNY set to dole out vacate orders at a number of migrant shelters across NYC

Some migrants may be in for a very rude wake-up call. According to reports, officials at the FDNY are prepping to hand out a large number of vacate orders at shelters over fears they could become fire disasters. The New York Post has a full list of the shelters being readied for orders.

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Adams announces new rules as to how long single adult migrants can stay in city shelters as NYC continues to struggle amid crisis

Mayor Eric Adams has announced that the city has moved to restrict how long single adult migrants can stay in city owned shelters. The move of course comes as the city continues to care for more than 60,000 people from various countries. The Post reports that the rules are unchanged for families. Single adults are […]

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Budget cuts are coming to New York City because of the spiraling migrant crisis: Adams

Coupled with a basic failure at city level — Mayor Eric Adams has now demanded that city-wide agencies implement at least 5% budget cuts. As expected, the ongoing migrant crisis sparked at the southern border and later dumped on New York City is having consequences. According to the Mayor’s office, all city agencies are being […]

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NYC’s Roosevelt Hotel now a migrant shelter has become a hotbed for domestic violence: Reports

Just months after the city converted the once glamorous hotel into a migrant shelter — city officials have a new problem. Crime seems to have swept the shelter amid reports there have been dozens of arrests for domestic violence at this single shelter by itself. Several reports claim that at least 40 or more migrants […]

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Serial creep from infamous Times Square dust up busted again on knife charges

Deqon Massiah the infamous man from the dust up that occurred in Times Square recently has been arrested again. According to reports, the serial criminal has been charged with mischief and possession of a knife. Multiple reports are out that an infamous creep widely known for a violent dust-up in Times Square has once again […]

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An asylum seeker in upstate New York has been arrested for sexual assault sparking police investigation

An unidentified migrant from the Democratic Republic of Congo is in jail this weekend after reportedly assaulting a hotel worker. Officials in Erie County have announced that they’ve requested migrants no longer come to the area amid a pair of police investigations. Those investigations are understood to be about two sexual assault cases involving migrants […]

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