In wake of members death, Hillsong founder says vaccines are nothing more than a choice

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In the midst of a vaccination struggle in America, and people needlessly dying because they’re misinformed, Hillsong Church is the latest place to see loss due to misinformed beliefs.

This week news reports confirmed that church member Stephen Harmon died from complications of COVID-19 because he had refused to get the vaccination. The same vaccination it is understood that his mother had already had and was fine.

In statements to CNN, church pastor Brian Houston defended Harmon’s then right not to get vaccinated because vaccines are a personal choice.

“On any medical issue, we strongly encourage those in our church to follow the guidance of their doctors,” Houston said, emphasizing that the church’s focus was on spiritual well-being. “While many of our staff, leadership and congregation have already received the Covid-19 vaccine, we recognize this is a personal decision for each individual to make with the counsel of medical professionals,” Houston’s statement reads.



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