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NYC’s Roosevelt Hotel now a migrant shelter has become a hotbed for domestic violence: Reports

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Just months after the city converted the once glamorous hotel into a migrant shelter — city officials have a new problem. Crime seems to have swept the shelter amid reports there have been dozens of arrests for domestic violence at this single shelter by itself.

Several reports claim that at least 40 or more migrants have been arrested since May at the shelter. Since this time, many of those cases have been or are understood to have been related to domestic violence. According to The Post, another man at the shelter was recently arrested for endangering a minor who later turned out to be his own daughter.

Soft on crime laws, however, result in the alleged abuser being released as the DA’s office eventually declined to prosecute. His daughter is 11 years old.

The same Post report later revealed that another individual back in June was arrested for beating the daylight out of a worker with a no parking sign. Reports say that dispute was over the fact the man was being booted for being a poor example of a neighbor while living in the building.

Shockingly, its being suggested that Eric Adams knew of the violence at the shelter later having played the situation down. Adams is understood to have made a series of unannounced trips to the shelter to investigate that incident and others over the course of recent months.



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