An asylum seeker in upstate New York has been arrested for sexual assault sparking police investigation

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An unidentified migrant from the Democratic Republic of Congo is in jail this weekend after reportedly assaulting a hotel worker.

Officials in Erie County have announced that they’ve requested migrants no longer come to the area amid a pair of police investigations.

Those investigations are understood to be about two sexual assault cases involving migrants that were bused into the area. In one case, the Congolese man allegedly sexually assaulted a hotel worker and then proceeded to hold them in the hotel against their will.

The assault occurred at the Best Western hotel in Cheektowaga.

It is the latest problem for New York City and Eric Adams who appears to have largely failed to determine if some of these people would pose security risks to other New Yorkers.

This assault came just days after another migrant from Venezuela assaulted a woman in front of a 3 year old.



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