A third woman has sensationally accused #AndJustLikeThat star Chris Noth of sexual assault [TW]

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[Tw] This content features mentions and discussions about the act of sexual assault. This content may not be suitable for all audiences or those sensitive to this topic.

According to a bombshell new report, this particular took place in 2010 in New York City at a Midtown restaurant that out of respect for the restaurant we won’t name in this article. According to the complaint and an interview in The Daily Beast, the woman identified using the moniker “Ava” — revealed that she partially came forward only after hearing other women also did too.

Noth is also accused of rape in 2004 and 2015 by at least two other women. Much of the allegation revolves around an encounter that took place at the restaurant’s back office during this time. “Ava” told The Daily Beast that Noth forced himself upon her after following her to the back office where he turned off the lights.

Noth has categorically denied raping the women involved in the complaints but has admitted to the encounters nonetheless maintains that they were consensual. Reps for Noth have denied the latest allegation against him as “complete fabrication.” which was first reported by The New York Post.



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