New York has enacted the Clean Slate act which seals some criminal records so people can have an easier time finding a job and an apartment

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New York has taken a big step to rectify an often large problem. According to reports, NY has enacted what is called the Clean Slate Act which seals some but not all criminal records in terms of employment and searching for an apartment to call home.

On Thursday, Governor Kathy Hochul formally signed New York’s fresh off the books Clean Slate Act. The act is part of the state’s progressive actions to undo an obvious misdeed — often a simple criminal record for a petty crime is enough to bar someone from a job or an apartment.

Let’s dig in. A review of the legislation found that after 3 years certain misdemeanors are sealed and after 8 years certain felonies are sealed. People should be aware that serious crimes like murder and such are not included in the mix.

“My number one job as the New York State Governor is to keep people safe, Hochul said announcing the legislation this week. “And I believe that the best anti-crime tool we have is a job when people have steady work.”

Here are examples of some of the crimes that are set to be sealed disorderly conduct, larceny and vandalism as well as non-violent felonies like money laundering, insurance fraud and compelling prostitution.

Everything rolls into effect in one calendar year with officials given until 2027 to turn back the clock — and begin locking old eligible criminal records.



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