20 Jun, 2024

New York has enacted the Clean Slate act which seals some criminal records so people can have an easier time finding a job and an apartment

New York has taken a big step to rectify an often large problem. According to reports, NY has enacted what is called the Clean Slate Act which seals some but not all criminal records in terms of employment and searching for an apartment to call home. On Thursday, Governor Kathy Hochul formally signed New York’s […]

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Checking in on the ongoing UAW strikes (and so far workers are coming out on top)

Welcome to this edition of The Chronicle a newsletter by Bazaar Daily America. The ongoing UAW strikes the have plagued the nation’s 3 biggest automakers appear to be coming out well in favor of workers. According to reports, the UAW Union announced this week that Stellantis caught up with other neogitstioms with a much better […]

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South Carolina to resume executions after obtaining lethal injection drugs but nobody knows where they got them from

For the first time in 12 years, executions are to resume in South Carolina but not without some questions. Back in May, the state passed a secretive shield law allowing the state to quietly and secretly buy the drugs needed to kill people. Correction officials in South Carolina have announced that after several failed attempts, […]

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Infamous driver who hit 7 pedestrians was out on bail at the time: prosecutors

Manhattan has had a string of bad drivers lately. In the case of Kyle Fernandez, 20, prosecutors say he was already staring down the barrel of the law when the 1 August crash happened. Prosecutors are moving for some pretty serious charges against Fernandez, 20, the infamous youngster who was driving a stolen Merdedes back […]

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Officials in Lahaina didn’t activate emergency sirens to alert of incoming wildfire: Reports

Communication efforts in Lahaina are now under heavy scrutiny. According to reports, officials are now investigating claims that officials in the area did not properly activate disaster sirens. The now deadly and massive wildfires in Lahaina are getting a new kind of scrutiny. According to the AP, investigators are now looking into claims that emergency […]

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2 people were killed and 5 more were injured after a deadly shooting in Virginia

Troubling news in Virginia today following reports of a deadly shooting. According to reports, 2 people died and 5 more were injured after a gunman opened fire following a high school graduation ceremony. Authorities confirmed on Tuesday that the shooting took place out of the Commonwealth University’s Altria theatre. A motive for the shooting isn’t […]

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Judge: Not so fast with that anti trans healthcare law in Florida

Florida’s efforts to ignorantly ban gender affirming care are slowly failing. According to a ruling this week, a U.S. judge has ruled that gender identity is real. It is a major blow for DeSantis’s anti-gay legislation largely fueled by homophobia. Judge Robert Hinkle issued a preliminary injunction blocking parts of the law. In this case, […]

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LA Council member Nury Martinez resigns after leaked audio revealing her racist comments about a child

Nury Martinez of the Los Angeles City Council has resigned. According to the Council, Martinez is out of a job after audio leaked online showing Martinez hurling racist remarks about a fellow member’s child. The audio is understood to have been from an October 2021 conversation where she called a child a ‘little monkey’ and […]

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Illinois formally signed into law an act banning all forms of hair discrimination in schools

Illinois has taken a ginormous step to protect its students of colour and those related. According to the governors new bill, the bill is actually named after Jeff Hawkins. Hawkins, 4, was discriminated against this year following reports that his private school told him that his braids were a violation of school dress code policy. […]

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