Donald Trump is now claiming that he should be granted Presidential immunity over his actions that helped lead to the attacks on 6 January

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Indicted former President Donald Trump is now claiming in a wild new legal filing that his actions on 6 January and leading up to that day should be protected by Pres immunity.

Trump’s questionably present legal team is making headlines once more. According to Huff Post, lawyers Todd Blanche and John Lauro in a 52-page filing laid out the bizarre argument that present laws allowed him to act that way under the belief the election was stolen from him. It is the latest example of wild legal theories floated by Trump and his legal team in an effort to skirt accountability for his actions.

“The indictment is based entirely on alleged actions within the heartland of President Trump’s official duties, or at the very least, within the ‘outer perimeter’ of his official duties,” Blanche and Lauro wrote. “As President Trump is absolutely immune from criminal prosecution for such acts, the court should dismiss the indictment.”

“President Trump’s alleged Tweets and public statements about fraud in the election and the role of the vice president in the certification process were directly related to his contentions that: (1) the presidential election’s outcome was tainted by fraud and other procedural irregularities, and (2) the U.S. Department of Justice and certain state governments had failed to adequately investigate and prosecute fraud and irregularities in the election,” Blanche and Lauro continued.



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