Nancy Pelosi has another GOPer in mind for insurrection committee investigating the attack on Washington

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is on a mission and a mission she appears set on overcoming. According to reports, Pelosi is mulling adding Rep Adam Kinzinger to the 6 Jan insurrection committee investigating the terrorist attack on Washington. Kinzinger is one of just very few vocal Trump critics that aligns with Pelosi’s own anti-Trump approach. […]

Bust of KKK leader to be removed from Tennessee capitol as America continues to reckon with its inhumane past

As America continues to reckon with its past whether a certain sub-section of America likes that or not even more confederate statues are coming down. According to officials in Tennessee, the bust of slave-trader and racist asshole. “I’m pleased that those people on the commission had enough courage to respect the voice of the Tennesseans,” […]

Those TX Dems who fled to stop voting bill are contracting COVID-19

5 of them and counting at that. According to the group of runaway Democrats who successfully temporarily blocked a voting bill in the state’s political ecosystem, five members of the group have tested positive for what is understood to be the Delta variant. The Huffington Post reports that there were more than 50 or so […]

Illinois is cracking down on police who lie to minors to coerce false confessions

Police in Illinois might have to rethink their tactics at this point. According to a new bill signed by Gov. JB Pritzker — police in the state are no longer permitted to use common interrogation tactics out of concern that they often produce false confessions. Police coercion is fairly common and often leads to mistrials; […]

AOC and Lauren Boebert are trading barbs because Lauren likes welfare, but doesn’t want others to have access to it

Because as it turns out Lauren Boebert has proved a longstanding argument that things are only OK when Republicans receive them rather than the other way around. Over the weekend, Boebert took to Twitter with a video from her CPAC speech demanding that the government cease all government benefits hence “leave us the hell alone.”

Biden kicks out top official at Social Security, a Trump holdover, who doesn’t want to leave his cushy job

Andrew Saul is no longer wanted in the White House or at Social Security. According to a statement from the White House (via CNN), Joe Biden has asked Saul to pack it up after years of fiddling with the average Americans’ benefits. A WH official reportedly told the network that Saul was given the boot […]

WH makes it clear they do not want to prolong the Afghan war despite worries the Taliban will assume full control

The White House is on the offensive this week amid reports that the Taliban is seriously gaining ground Afghanistan after U.S troops pulled out in the dead of night. According to the AP, the White House has condemned criticism as nothing more than just that. In fact, President Biden himself feels it is long past […]

US Army plans to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for soldiers by 1 September

The United States Army has announced this week that COVID-19 vaccines will be mandatory for soldiers by the 1 September. Designating such as mandatory likely is poised to set off a hot debate amongst service members as it is unclear just how many may be anti-vaxxers. According to the Army Times, leaked documents and memos […]

The Biden administration is moving COVID funds to try and help the situation at the Mexico-U.S border

Bloomberg is out this week with a report probably set to upset people who don’t like the “problem” at the border orchestrated by conservatives. According to the report, the Biden WH is set to move $800m+ in COVID relief funds to the situation at the border in an effort to mitigate efforts to house migrant […]

Nikole Hannah-Jones ditches UNC after scandal, will go to Howard University instead

Hannah-Jones has had enough. According to a statement, the would-be UNC chair is no more after the scandal the school pulled resulting in the intense backlash and threats that followed. “I have decided that instead of fighting to prove I belong at an institution that until 1955 prohibited Black Americans from attending, I am instead […]

Emory University has apologized for rejecting a student based on their race

Some 60 freaking years after their racist rejection — Emory University is finally owning up to its part in segregated education standards. The coveted school which has hosted numerous prolific names throughout its time has since come out apologizing for rejecting a Black man based on his race because he wanted to go to medical […]

Juneteenth is now a federal holiday in the United States

Resignations that are coming on the heels of revelations that Donald Trump and his previous administration unlawfully collected private metadeta records from mobile phones belonging to members of Congress. According to reports, and the New York Times, the agency’s top investigator John Demer is leading the resignations against almost universal backlash. The new bill was […]

Lara Trump is urging Fox News watchers to commit more violence in the United States

Because what better way to kick off a Fox News broadcast than to encourage more right-wing terrorism in the United States. Over the weekend — Trump took to Fox News encouraging so-called southern border residents to arm themselves and take matters into their own hands. Matters being a reference to reported migrants attempting to cross […]

Republicans are now launching efforts to take control of state-level election offices

In their all out quest to take over elections, Republicans are reportedly plotting to make a play for election administration offices. Countrywide efforts in the United States are making it evidently clear that Republicans know that they. are losing their grip on power and are expressing they’ll stop at nothing to keep it. In efforts […]

Not so fast on that whole Tulsa Race Massacre event

An event essentially meant to apologize to the survivors and for the city of Tulsa ‘s actions against people in the first place is no longer taking place. According to The Guardian, talks between the lawyers representing the known survivors and their families and officials have entirely fallen apart. Survivors reportedly feel that they were […]

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