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South Carolina to resume executions after obtaining lethal injection drugs but nobody knows where they got them from

For the first time in 12 years, executions are to resume in South Carolina but not without some questions. Back in May, the state passed a secretive shield law allowing the state to quietly and secretly buy the drugs needed to kill people. Correction officials in South Carolina have announced that after several failed attempts,…

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Read: These are the letters that landed Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis in hot-water amid claims they tried to downplay Danny Masterson‘s victims

The letters which appear to be character letters actually appear to double as something that seems like they were written straight out of the book of Scientology. Their not so smart apology is also below. Featuring heavily lawyered language and Scientology like stuff — read them below.


Death toll following earthquake in Morocco tops 2,000 as authorities race to investigate extent of damage caused

Authorities in Morocco have announced that the death toll in the earthquake aftermath is just above 2,000. Cops also say that at least another 1,400 people are understood to have severe injuries — some in remote villages around the area of Marrakesh. The heartbreaking aftermath of Morocco ‘s deadliest quake in a century just keeps…

American Politics

NYC has dropped another $35m in taxpayer monies to fund migrants across Manhattan and Queens at two separate hotels as crisis continues to grow

New Yorkers continue to foot the bill for the city’s unexpected guests this week. According to new tallies, the city has shelled out an additional $35m in taxpayer monies to shelter migrants at two locations. According to the City’s Department of Homeless Services the city continues to shell out obscene amounts of money for a…

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Officials in Lahaina didn’t activate emergency sirens to alert of incoming wildfire: Reports

Communication efforts in Lahaina are now under heavy scrutiny. According to reports, officials are now investigating claims that officials in the area did not properly activate disaster sirens. The now deadly and massive wildfires in Lahaina are getting a new kind of scrutiny. According to the AP, investigators are now looking into claims that emergency…

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