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Israel ‘s criminal PM Bibi declares attacks on Gaza will go on as long as necessary

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A man who should be in jail for multiple crimes is leading the supposed war against a group his government has declared to be terrorists. According to The Guardian, Bibi has declared that the attacks against the Palestine’s will go on as long as necessary.

Necessary only in the eyes of a government who dislikes them just to dislike them. On Saturday, ?? Security Council was due to meet in an emergency meeting but diplomacy has largely failed. Netanyahu’s actions should be considered what they are: crimes against humanity.

The White House said Biden had “reaffirmed his strong support for Israel” to defend itself and also “raised concerns about the safety and security of journalists”.

But they’ve made little mention of the innocent Palestinian lives lost to Israel’s reign of terror.

UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said in a statement on Saturday that they’d like to remind Israel that targeting civilians or media structures is illegal.



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