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Amid rising COVID-19 cases New Yorkers are once again being advised to mask up and sanitize their hands

We're back and we have an important message this evening for our fellow New Yorkers. According to the Health Department, COVID-19 cases are actively ticking up in the region and they've become a slight concern for some. Officials are now recommending that all people over the age of 2 mask-up around others and actively remember to sanitize their hands. Just a friendly reminder that COVID-19 is not over and more than 1m people in America alone have lost their lives to this novel virus.

COVID breathalyzers are now a thing in the US: FDA

Federal officials in the United States have officially permitted yet another tool for COVID-19 testing. On Friday it was announced that FDA officials OK'd the use of a COVID test that appears as if it were a Breathalyzer test like when one gets stopped by a cop under suspicions of being intoxicated. "Today’s authorization is yet another example of the rapid innovation occurring with diagnostic tests for COVID-19," says an FDA director. "The FDA continues to support the development of novel COVID-19 tests with the goal of advancing technologies that can help address the current pandemic and better position the US for the next public health emergency."  These tests appear to have roughly a 91.2% success rate in determining positive test results through breath samples. They have abou...
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Killer cop Kim Potter guilty on all charges in the murder of Daunte Wright

Former cop Kim Potter has been found guilty delivering a swift sense of justice to Wright’s family. According to CNN, Potter on Tuesday was found guilty of first and second degree manslaughter in the death of Wright — an unarmed Black man she shot instead of tased. "I kind of let out a yelp, because it was built up in the anticipation of what was to come while we were waiting for the last days," Bryant said at a news press conference. She will be sentenced on 18 February 2022 according to court documents.

Vaccine mandates are here here’s everything we know so far

Vaccine mandates as we’ve discussed before have finally arrived. According to reports — New York City is the first major American city to require such proofs. But they aren’t stopping there. The Daily Mail reports that the U.S is trying to put together plans to require vaccinations to actually enter America. This portion of the reported mandate would kick into effect for all known foreign travelers. Mandates are also understood to be coming for the armed forces as the government seeks to protect its military. CNN reports that the military is already preparing for the avalanche of refusals among service members regarding the vaccine.
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Biden has revealed that the White House is mulling new COVID-19 restrictions, federal mandate may follow

The White House has revealed that more COVID-19 restrictions are likely on the way. Reports out today show that Biden made the comments on his way out of DC towards Camp David. Of course, however, the comments almost universally have not sat well with right-wing America. Earlier this week the CDC confirmed a u-turn on their existing guidance for vaccinated people and the use of masks. On Tuesday the agency revealed new guidance that pretty much everyone should wear masks at all times. It is unclear exactly when those restrictions may come. Republican lawmakers have already chastised the agency for the u-turn which they said is based on evidence that the Delta variant is evading detection.

In wake of members death, Hillsong founder says vaccines are nothing more than a choice

In the midst of a vaccination struggle in America, and people needlessly dying because they’re misinformed, Hillsong Church is the latest place to see loss due to misinformed beliefs. This week news reports confirmed that church member Stephen Harmon died from complications of COVID-19 because he had refused to get the vaccination. The same vaccination it is understood that his mother had already had and was fine. In statements to CNN, church pastor Brian Houston defended Harmon’s then right not to get vaccinated because vaccines are a personal choice. "On any medical issue, we strongly encourage those in our church to follow the guidance of their doctors," Houston said, emphasizing that the church's focus was on spiritual well-being. "While many of our staff, leadership and...

California to drop most if not all restrictions come 15 June

Tourists and residents once again will be able to life their best California life. According to the local government, Newsom plans to release the restrictions come 15 June preparing for a post COVID world. The Los Angeles Times (paywall) reports the following comments made by the state’s top health official regarding the news. “Come June 15, Californians will wake up to a world that looks nothing like they’ve seen over the past year-plus—one where businesses can open their doors without COVID-19 constraints on capacity or requirements for physical distancing, and where people who are fully vaccinated for the disease no longer need to wear masks in most situations."
Being fully vaccinated might not mean much in the battle against COVID-19 if they can’t keep up with variants

Being fully vaccinated might not mean much in the battle against COVID-19 if they can’t keep up with variants

The battle against COVID-19 has brought up a new problem that the government likely already knew about. But in governmental fashion, they can’t say things out of precaution that it may stoke fear among people. According to several media reports, a trio of people in Hawaii have call come down with COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated. Local media reports that at least two of them traveled to several US cities, which is an indicator they probably caught one of the many variants still spreading. It’s a stark reminder that nobody still knows whether or not the vaccines stop the spread or someone getting it. State officials say nobody has transmitted it to others yet. Generally speaking vaccines are designed to prevent illnesses.
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Doc warns of mass exposure among D.C lawmakers: Report

There might be a larger problem brewing in Washington. According to reports and a Capitol doctor, House and Senate lawmakers might be in for a dangerous situation after it was revealed that they were locked in a room with a COVID positive person. The Washington Post reports that Dr. Brian Monahan alerted House and Senate officials too the fact that because of the Capitol riots; the particular individual, and the enclosed space dozens of them are noowo at risk. Video reportedly shows multiple House Republicans in the same room declining masks and any form of gloves. Officials are now being urged and pushed to get Coronavirus tests at their soonest convenience.

Like Clockwork: Mutant COVID-19 strain from the UK found in NY Jewelery Store

ALERT: If you have been to or near the N Fox Jewelers in Saratoga Springs between 18 December and 24 December you might need to get tested for the Coronavirus. A 60 year old man has turned up with the virus, but, has turned up with an unexplained case of the UK strand of the virus. According to reports and health authorities in New York, a Saratoga man is the first known person in New York to have the UK version of the Coronavirus. A version of the virus that is considered to be much more contagious than the original; mutant, and still unknown to much of the research community. Authorities say that the three other employees at the store also tested positive for the virus but it is unclear if they also have the UK strain.
England is now back to a brutal lockdown, will the rest of the world follow?

England is now back to a brutal lockdown, will the rest of the world follow?

England announced on Monday that the country indeed will slide right back into a national lockdown. It comes just hours after Nicola Sturgeon announced a similar lockdown in her own region amid soaring rates of the Coronavirus and a struggle to contain it. The Guardian reports that schools are now closing for roughly six weeks and residents are required to stay home only leaving home for essential purposes. It comes against the backdrop of reports that the UK is struggling to contain a reported deadlier version of the Coronavirus just as even more strains are emerging.

Apple has shuttered all of its stores in California

In response to the Coronavirus and the fact that California is experiencing a deadly surge —- Apple has shuttered all of its stores in the area. According to the company, all 53 Apple stores in the state will be closed for the foreseeable future. This marks at least 100 of Apple ‘s worldwide stores closed entirely. This follows long-term closures in most of South America; Germany, and the Netherlands. Meanwhile in the states, those that aren’t closed, have all reverted to curbside service even as temperatures plunge.

A man died mid-flight on a #United flight because they let him board even though he was COVID positive

In yet another epic fail by airlines — United Airlines is facings serious heat this weekend amid reports that another passenger died midflight. According to reports, the incident took place on an Orlando-to-Los-Angeles flight but it remains unclear how the man got passed airport security knowingly sick. The Washington Post reports that anyone who was on this flight is asked to go see a testing speciality at a facility at their soonest convenience. Officials are reportedly trying to track down more than 139 passengers. United Now claims that that man lied before boarding the flight even though many are calling foul on that. Passengers reportedly gave the man CPR despite the risk of the Coronavirus.

The CDC just made dramatic changes to its mask mandates

In a big change to the agency 's mask mandate -- the CDC is now instructing Americans that masks should be worn indoors at all times unless one is at home. The change comes among the dramatically worsening Coronavirus pandemic that has now seen at least a dozen or more states with soaring numbers; infections, and even deaths. The CDC further announced that they're hoping local governments will aide them with this new announcement and further restrict access to non-essential indoor spaces.

The U.S has recorded more daily COVID-19 deaths than EVER as the virus rages once more

With inaction from the Trump Administration because of faulty claims of election interference —- America has a reckoning happening before our very eyes. America must face the Coronavirus and uppend the failure to properly address it — or a ton of people should expect to die from it. It is both sad as it is terrifying as many Americans have been left to go hungry; almost homeless, and nearly die at the hands of a country that could care less. Yesterday, John Hopkins reported that for the first time more COVID deaths occurred in a day than ever before. Per the latest numbers, 2800+ people died yesterday from either the virus. As many continue to travel and gear up for Christmas travel — it is expected that thousands more will die before Christmas Eve alone. Many people who went to Th...

The CDC is voting today on which Americans will get the COVID vaccine first

But that may be a tougher task than many realise because there's just that many people. A CDC panel is scheduled to meet this afternoon to determine which groups of Americans and so on will get the first bout of vaccinations. The problem is actually getting people to line up for a vaccination that a significant portion of the country doesn't even trust to begin with. December is slated to be a big month for the vaccination rush, although, the decision on who gets it actually comes before the FDA 's decision in itself. Some see this as problematic because after the obvious people -- who gets it next? It also goes to state that per reports is unclear whether or not there are enough vaccinations to go around at first. The idea in itself could potentially lead to a larger problem....
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