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There’s new hope for a COVID-19 relief bill, here’s what you need to know

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WIth the Coronavirus raging and the fate of the Senate up for grabs — lawmakers are now jockeying to secure a COVID-19 relief bill. According to ABC News, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell briefly spoke on the phone over the weekend as optimism over a relif bill steadily grew. Per the outlet, the often frenemies duo has been speaking all week amid renewed support from othe rank-and-file lawmakers also seeking to get the damn thing done.

However, some of the remaining hurdles mostly remain in the hands of the GOP. For starters, the GOP is still hanging on to its demand that Americans are left out in the cold being forced to go back to work in the event they catch COVID on the job. GOPers have long sought to give businesses; big biz at that, Universities and related places a get-out-jail free card.

Democrats have staunchly objected to such and this is one of many reasons why the Senate imbalance remains a top priority. If by chance Democrats win the Senate, it would allow them to pass their version of the bill and stop Republicans from giving their buddies yet again free passes.

As of Saturday, it looks like a $908B relief package is making its way through the necessary ropes. Although it still may end up part of a much larger spending bill which could create an avenue of discourse considering the difference in spending beliefs between the two dueling parties. It comes once again as COVID-19 is ravaging America a 2nd time with record breaking cases; deaths, and more all across America.



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