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5 Things We Learned From The Coronavirus Pandemic

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The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly taught us all a thing or two but for us we’ve learned some good and some bad things. In this post, we’ll explore some of the things we’ve learned and why some should be more obvious than ever before.

  1. As it turns out — sometimes when we’re told things aren’t possible for society they in fact are.

Turns out — despite for decades being told that working from home and the like generally was a novel idea such wasn’t the case. It took all of 100 days, for nearly half of America to be working remote. Some companies have even told their employees they can crash land in their home office for good. The thing we’ve learned here is that some companies just never cared — it took a natural disaster for them to do so. -5 points.

2. Community now means more than it ever has.

Despite the differences some may have and the fact that some choose to run from science instead of towards it — community is now much of all that we have. Real life kind of seems like some of these wildly entertaining storylines we’ve watched in movies over the years right now. It’s proving day in and day out that when this is over — some of our loved ones; former and current friends, and even family members may not make it to the other side. Treasure your loved ones.

3. Politics should be considered a weapon because they’ve been weaponised against the American people.

While we don’t condone politics on this website and in fact rarely if ever mention where we may stand in said dimension(s) —- politics firmly have been poison. Politics have become the driving force behind why America is losing its battle against the Coronavirus. It has become a sick game of the right vs the left and who will survive to make it to the other side. If Americans haven’t learned anything else —- one should probably learn that the system is not for any of us. In fact it is stacked against each and every one of us except in a different way. That goes for the millionaires and the billionaires lining pockets via lobbying helping make the laws that got us here to begin with.

Someone needs to write a new movie and title it: The System: Citizens v the United States of America.

4. Private interests are more present than ever before.

Make no mistake. There are people and companies in the shadows seeking out each and every way possible to profit off of the Coronavirus. Someway; somehow, they will find a way to profit off of this virus either until it is entirely gone or they have it under control because they’ve found a way to profit off of it to the point they’ve finally given in and provided the keys to overcoming it.

Something says this vaccine won’t be the only so-called “cure” they offer up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

5. The post pandemic world will likely be the world we’ve been told would exist in a futuristic world.

We’d probably bet that the government has no intention of eradicating COVID all together. But instead will offer up a series of vaccines and probably other tests to keep it at bay. But instead will use that as means to accelerate America’s arrival into the long-awaited yet unknown future some welcome but others largely fear.



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