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A California Dad has been arrested after his kids were found dead and headless at his home

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In the middle of a pandemic —- there’s heartbreaking headline after headline. In California, a local father is in jail this weekend after cops discovered both of his kids decapitated on his property. Police in Los Angeles reportedly responded to a call in Lancaster about a possible gas leak — but instead discovered two headless bodies that were later identified as his own children.

Police say that they arrested a man identified s Maurice Taylor Sr over the weekend. Sr has been arrested and jailed on $2m bond pending trial for the heinous discovery. It is unclear as to why Sr may have killed his own kids but he is suspected as the sole suspect in the grisly murders.

There was also one adult male and female and two other kids present in the home all of which were questioned. BOth kids appeared to suffer from obvious lacerations and were missing their heads when the LAPD finally arrived.



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