12 Jun, 2024

Everything we know so far about the Nashville bombing and the man suspected of the crime

The story of the downtown Nashville RV bombing is now unraveling as investigators have gotten several steps closer to locating a suspect. According to our UK sister site, a suspect has been identified although it does appear that the suspect is in the wind. According to Daily News UK, Anthony Quinn Warner has been ID’ed […]

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A unanimous effort to increase COVID-19 stimulus checks to $2k has failed: Top Story

With less than 7 calendar days to go until the expiration of the moratorium along with other relief programs brought on by the pandemic. As Christmas Eve rolled in, lawmakers on the Democratic side of the aisle pounced on the so-called announcement from Trump that he wanted larger checks sent out to people to the […]

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Kylie Jenner is fab in fresh makeup and trendy outfit as she boards $72m jet to get out of town for Christmas

Because nothing says Kardashian like getting out of town during a pandemic when flying is disregarded for others unless you have a ton of money. Despite such —- Jenner appeared ready to have some fun as she boarded her massive private jet to jet off to an undisclosed location on Christmas Eve.

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Experts: Don’t panic but mutated strain of COVID-19 is already here

The mutated strain of COVID-19 or (COVID-20 if you must) currently gripping its way through England is believed to already be in the United States. That is a belief widely held due to the fact that there have been more than 3 dozen flights from England alone landing at airports like JFK. An airport that […]

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A man died mid-flight on a #United flight because they let him board even though he was COVID positive

In yet another epic fail by airlines — United Airlines is facings serious heat this weekend amid reports that another passenger died midflight. According to reports, the incident took place on an Orlando-to-Los-Angeles flight but it remains unclear how the man got passed airport security knowingly sick. The Washington Post reports that anyone who was […]

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A former USPS employee has plead guilty to stealing gift cards and such from inside people’s mail

A stunning story addding to many of the reasons why people don’t often trust the USPS anymore. According to an indictment seen by Daily News America, one Markeyta McAllister, 30 is facing some serious prison time after having spent several years stealing things from inside people’s mail. A feat she managed to do from 2014 […]

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