The CDC is voting today on which Americans will get the COVID vaccine first

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But that may be a tougher task than many realise because there’s just that many people. A CDC panel is scheduled to meet this afternoon to determine which groups of Americans and so on will get the first bout of vaccinations. The problem is actually getting people to line up for a vaccination that a significant portion of the country doesn’t even trust to begin with.

December is slated to be a big month for the vaccination rush, although, the decision on who gets it actually comes before the FDA ‘s decision in itself. Some see this as problematic because after the obvious people — who gets it next?

It also goes to state that per reports is unclear whether or not there are enough vaccinations to go around at first. The idea in itself could potentially lead to a larger problem.

The FDA is scheduled to meet on 10 December to discuss Pfizer ‘s vaccine and could meet for Moderna ‘s within days after that. The doses will be delivered to states and localities within 24 hours of any approvals according to multiple reports.



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