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CDC: You definitely shouldn’t take a cruise right now

Cruisers should probably hold onto their tickets or call their cruise lines for refunds. According to USA TODAY, amid the latest U.S covid surge and advice from the CDC -- cruises are being cancelled by the numbers in wake of the surge as a whole.  "Our first priority is the health and safety of our guests, crew, and the communities we visit," Norwegian said in a statement. Norwegian has cancelled near future sailings on at least 8 of its ships against the backdrop of the surge.  The cancelled ships on Norwegian are: the Getaway, Pearl, Sky, Jade, Star, Sun, Spirit, and Pride of America. Meanwhile Royal Caribbean has also suspended at least 3 of its ships including Symphony of the Seas, Jewel of the Seas, and Serenade of the Seas. The suspensions will last cruise line wide ...

CDC: Omicron variant up to 3x more transmissible than the previous Delta variant

Against the backdrop of controversy over their shortening of Coronavirus isolation rules, the U.S CDC has since announced an additional set of measures for those seeking to leave isolation quarantines. CNN reports that the CDC has since revealed a case study that has since revealed that the variant is most certainly more transmissable than the Delta variant -- but it remains to be seen if it is more deadly. In case it couldn't get any worse the Omicron variant has helped New York exceed 10k hospitalisations for the first time in quite some time. In the updated version of guidelines, the CDC has given instructions as follows although they've been widely mocked yet again on social media. “Preliminary data suggest that the Omicron variant is up to three times more infectious th...

The CDC is voting today on which Americans will get the COVID vaccine first

But that may be a tougher task than many realise because there's just that many people. A CDC panel is scheduled to meet this afternoon to determine which groups of Americans and so on will get the first bout of vaccinations. The problem is actually getting people to line up for a vaccination that a significant portion of the country doesn't even trust to begin with. December is slated to be a big month for the vaccination rush, although, the decision on who gets it actually comes before the FDA 's decision in itself. Some see this as problematic because after the obvious people -- who gets it next? It also goes to state that per reports is unclear whether or not there are enough vaccinations to go around at first. The idea in itself could potentially lead to a larger problem....
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