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North Korea ‘s Coronavirus problem is getting much worse than what they’re telling the world

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North Korea’s struggle with the Coronavirus is apparently much worse than what Korean officials are admitting to the world. According to NBC News, North Korea has recently despite its own claims otherwise has experienced an explosion in cases and hospitalizations. This is worrying among residents and the like considering North Korea is understood not to have its own vaccine program and may not have access to many if any international vaccine programs.

Previous sanctions against the country have made it increasingly difficult for the country to be able to access vital services; test and tracing schemes, and general vaccine availability. NBC also reports that the WHO has made numerous efforts to gain further data from the country about its COVID problem but has largely been unsuccessful.

This is a reminder from Bazaar Daily America that you probably should continue to mask up and sanitize your hands. COVID is still her and is rising in numerous places.



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