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What this Texas doctor did you wouldn’t believe but now he’s facing very real federal charges

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It’ll certainly make even the most confident of people rethink going to the doctor without a chaperone. According to federal authorities, a Texas doctor is facing some hefty federal charges after he allegedly spiked IV bags with you guessed it hard drugs (and not those typically found in a hospital setting.)

The anesthesiologist has been identified as Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz Jr according to law enforcement officials out of Dallas Texas and boy does the story get odd from here. Police allege in a lengthy investigation they later found that he had been spiking IV bags with various kinds of drugs. Cops are even alleging that he used various things like nerve-blocking agents when injecting IV bags behind the backs of others. At least one person actually died from his actions while numerous others have suffered varying levels of serious consequences.

USA Today reports. Surveillance video shows Ortiz putting single IV bags in a warmer outside operating room at Baylor Scott & White Surgicare North Dallas. He is due in court on Friday in the stunning case.



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