29 May, 2024

Federal authorities want to reclassify marijuana as a lower level drug, here what that means if it happens

Marijuana in the United States has long at least federally been associated with drugs like cocaine and heroin among others. Although scientific evidence over the years has long suggested that may not need to be the case. Now some in Washington want to change that as marijuana use spreads across the United States. Marijuana is […]

1 min read

A lady on Tik Tok and IG does free home cleanings for disabled people and truly it melted our hearts: Watch

An honest reminder that there are genuine kind hearted people in the world. On Saturday, an eagle eyed reader shared with us a Tik Tok and Gram page of a lady who quite literally does free cleanings for disabled people. There isn’t a gimmick either. Physical or mental she shows up 3 times a week […]

1 min read

Space Race: Further clues lend credence to the idea that we are not alone and others may be out there

The race to determine if mankind is in fact alone in the vast thing we call Space is more interesting than ever before. This year alone — humans have come dramatically closer to either proving or disproving the idea that there may be other species out there. Species that quite possibly may or may not […]

2 mins read

Amid backlash, Whatsapp will pause its pending privacy policy update

Because truth is when people realized that their data would be shared with Facebook people didn’t like that at all and for good reason. The Facebook owned messaging platform announced last week that a new PP would come into play in February. That privacy policy outlined a number of changes including the fact that they […]

1 min read

Apple ‘s new Airpods Max headset is the perfect gift for your uppity neighbor to drown out the poor

Because let’s be honest at $549 the only people buying this headset are the same people who walk by somebody asking for a bite to eat on almost any New York City block. On Tuesday, Apple released surprisingly news of a new headset that nobody apparently saw coming. That headset which is the Airpods Max […]

1 min read

Hollywood Is More Diverse Than Ever. So Why Are The Oscars Still So White?

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3 mins read
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