Space Race: Further clues lend credence to the idea that we are not alone and others may be out there

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The race to determine if mankind is in fact alone in the vast thing we call Space is more interesting than ever before. This year alone — humans have come dramatically closer to either proving or disproving the idea that there may be other species out there.

Species that quite possibly may or may not look like you and someone you know. Now with the latest discovery, it has become increasingly clear that one of two things is true in the race to identify who may be out there:

1. We are either not alone and there are probably dozens of intelligent life forms out there. A previously published report this year suggests there may be upwards of 36 worlds that carry some form of intelligent life forms.

2. We are in fact alone and there was never anything or anyone else. If this scenario proves to be true — then we as humans probably need to accept that this world may have been something that shouldn’t have happened.

Hence the idea that mankind and this world will end at some point in history.

But this brings thou to the next interesting discovery. According to, a new series of worlds have been discovered that appear to be very earth like. That simply means that they’ve discovered a series of world’s that appear to be ocean worlds and contain components important to life.

The discovery is the latest in a series of discoveries that suggest there are in fact other world’s present that more than likely carry life forms in some form. Studies and researchers have even gone as far as to now note that we’ll probably discover such in three years time



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