Apple ‘s new Airpods Max headset is the perfect gift for your uppity neighbor to drown out the poor

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Because let’s be honest at $549 the only people buying this headset are the same people who walk by somebody asking for a bite to eat on almost any New York City block. On Tuesday, Apple released surprisingly news of a new headset that nobody apparently saw coming. That headset which is the Airpods Max while brilliant and actually quite comfy looking is incredibly and ridiculously expensive.

Featuring a host of apparent features that’s neither here nor there. Instead I can think of 5 other things you can buy for $549.

  1. Half of a payment on a decent used car.
  2. A PS5
  3. A solo vacation to almost any city in the U.S give or take a few bucks.
  4. Like Mashable pointed out — a studio apt in New Mexico.
  5. A comfy bed from almost any retailer.

Apple ‘s glittering price tag attracted hot ridicule online. Here are some of the best reactions.



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