Federal authorities want to reclassify marijuana as a lower level drug, here what that means if it happens

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Marijuana in the United States has long at least federally been associated with drugs like cocaine and heroin among others. Although scientific evidence over the years has long suggested that may not need to be the case.

Now some in Washington want to change that as marijuana use spreads across the United States. Marijuana is even spreading among reported older Americans who are seeking less pill-dependant ways to get a better sleep at night.

According to Vox, New proposals to shift marijuana from a major drug to a lesser drug are being pushed as decriminalization efforts continue to gain steam. Opposition to the idea however generally sits with antiqudated ideas about the drug itself rather than actual scientific information.

Reclassifying the drug would mean that previous convictions before such would be vacated. It would also mean that instead of stiff penalties and jail time in the future — people would receive less harsh sentences. However, individuals would still face stiff issues at the federal level because Washington has not made it legal on such a level yet.

Some are even pushing for the drug to be descheduled all together in the same fashion alcohol is. Descheduling a drug means the DEA would have limited powers over the drug as federal oversight would be paired down.

Elsewhere, potential benefits of these proposed changes mean benefits for pot businesses. Currently, pot businesses cannot enjoy many of the tax breaks that would otherwise federally be available. They would under the proposed changes which would mean a boon for the industry.



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