Fast fashion retailer Boohoo accused of hijacking designs from Black designer

Boohoo — perhaps one of the internet-sphere ‘s biggest fashion retailers has found itself in the midst of trouble amid reports that it stole a design from a popular Black designer. According to Buzzfeed News, a design named “Gaia” was stolen by Boohoo which appears to have originated from Fisayo Longe — a Black designed […]

Oprah ‘s struggling magazine to add a paywall further complicating readership

Oprah ‘s struggling magazine O Magazine (which suspended publication at the height of 2020) is set to focus on digital operations in the months to come. But in the midst of a structural shift, the struggling magazine will also instead add a paywall further complicating its struggles to maintain readership. While the magazine reportedly has […]

Aunt Jemima has been renamed to sound like a construction company in Kansas

That could be in part because it sounds like a construction company somewhere in the midwest. On Tuesday, the company formerly known as Aunt Jemima announced that it had renamed itself to the Pearl Milling Company in an effort to escape its horrific past. “This name is a nod to where our delicious products began […]

Report: Toxic heavy metals found in some popular baby foods

There’s a troubling new report out this weekend that paints a grim reality for those buying baby food. According to select House and Senate committees, examinations of several popular baby food brands have turned up signs of heavy metals in the products. “Over the last decade advocates and scientists have brought this to the attention […]

Very different stories are emerging out of the New York Times over the firing of one Lauren Wolfe

Columnist Lauren Wolfe who has long been a respected freelance journalist (among other things) found herself without a job leading into the inauguration of Joe Biden. Her cushy gig at the New York Times reportedly came to an end following a tweet by Wolfe that conservative quickly pounced on which apparently noted “media bias.” The […]

Godiva is closing literally all of its American stores, here’s why

Just a short time after Godiva Chocolate sought to aggressively expand its presence in the United States, the company is now abandoning the United States all together. According to the Belgian-originated chocolate maker, all 11 or so stores in the U.S will close by the end of March with the company citing the pandemic as […]

Former Mcdonald ‘s CEO may have been a far bigger creep than initially thought

As it turns out just like most times someone falls from grace in the biz world there usually is far more to the story. According to Mcdonald ‘s and its investigators, they’re now widening the investigation into former CEO Steve Easterbrook to now include his close associates and the HR department. In this July 26, […]

The Automaker’s 2019 Profits Were Essentially Wiped Out By A Tough Fourth Quarter

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