Ed Buck once a prominent Democratic donor and now serial predator sentenced to 30 years in prison

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Ed Buck the once prominent Democratic donor based in California has been sentenced to prison. Buck who was apprehended some time ago after it was revealed that he had been targeting vulnerable men who were sometimes and often gay. Buck according to court documents “aimed to sexually assault and torture” numerous men he would invite to his apartment only to later ply them with drugs — some of which actually ended up dead.

CNN reports that Buck was sentenced to a total of 380 months or 30 years for his crimes targeting mentally ill men; gay men, and several others over the course of a long time. In all the perverted and fallen political donor has been charged and sentenced for at least 9 federal felonies.

“He exploited the wealth and power balance between them by offering his victims money to use drugs and to let Buck inject them with narcotics,” prosecutors said in the statement.



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