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Biden ‘s nominee for fed position is facing some pretty radical racist accusations that are almost entirely untrue

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Students at Michigan State University might recognise this name. Lisa Cook one of their shining professors is up for a position at the Federal Reserve as one of Biden ‘s nominees to the Board of Governors. But in right-wing fashion, Professor Cook is facing some pretty racially charged accusations that are actually entirely untrue but appear aimed at the fact she’s a Black woman.

She’d be the first Black woman ever on the board if actually successfully confirmed.

“This is not the place in this time of great peril for purely race-based appointments,” former Donald Trump adviser Peter Navarro told the right-wing Daily Caller. “Professor Cook is more qualified to coach an NFL team than manage what may be a looming collapse of our economy from a perch at the Fed. When that collapse comes, nobody in the financial world is going to say ‘Find Lisa Cook.’ Ultimately, this is not fair to Cook herself, as it sets her up for an epic fall.”



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