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Oath Keepers leader to remain detained as he is considered a major public safety concern

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Oath Keepers (that’s a terrorist org at this point) will go forth without their leader as he will remain behind bars due to being a flight risk. According to UPI, that leader has been identified as Elmer Stewart Rhodes who is being held on sedition charges over his role in the 6 January terrorist attacks that took place against the United States of America.

U.S judge Kimberly Johnson wrote in the following order that she has granted the government’s request to keep him behind bars.

“Defendant’s authoritative role in the conspiracy, access to substantial weaponry and ability to finance any future insurrection, combined with his continued advocacy for violence against the federal government, gives rise to a credible threat that the defendant’s release might endanger others by fostering the planning and execution of additional violent events,” she wrote in the order.

She continued that his “technical savvy, military training and familiarity with encrypted communications” further requires his detention as well as “there is some evidence of a propensity towards violence in defendant’s personal relationships.”



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