Here’s what you can expect now that the federal level eviction ban has been revoked

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Now that the federal level eviction ban has met its demise again —- many are wondering what to expect from the government and landlords now that the landlords have the right to evict once again. On Thursday and Friday, it was ultimately ruled that the CDC ‘s newest eviction ban was done without legal authority because it trampled on the rights of landlords.

Evictions are expected to pick up as only a handful of places actually have eviction protections of their own.

You read that right.

Starting Monday, renters behind on their rent will have to turn to state and local protections without the help of the government. Because of the ruling the government cannot make any new changes to potential eviction bans and if they do legal action is widely expected. Renters will now have to turn to their local programmes initially meant to dole out more than $45B in rent relief meant for Americans.

According to the U.S Treasury Department, only about $5.1B of that rent relief has actually been sent out to struggling Americans. So let’s make that very clear that this is the governments problem that people can’t get the rent relief that was doled out for them.



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