Netflix ‘s new movie “Awake” is a mind fuck from hell

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A mind fuck that quite literally nobody probably needs to see right now because like many of the movies that are coming out they’re playing on very real fears that some people actually have. Starring Gina Rodriguez, Awake, is about a world hit by a sleep deprived pandemic from a mysterious illness that isn’t quite explained. A ravaged world; no electricity (anywhere), and humans that can’t sleep lead many to wonder if humanity is coming to an end.

If you guessed that this movie is apocalyptic-like you guessed right. While good at times it’s fairly a snooze fest but only really interesting in the interest of the fears that it almost plays off of. Against the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic — it’s interesting in a sense to understand that these types of events (aka a blackout) aren’t entirely off the grid for mankind in real life.

Perhaps the most compelling part is a barely teenage girl who seems to be fairly smarter than the average person.

Grade: D+

Though dramaticixed the film seemed to have lacked a more clear concept of itself more than anything. While an amusing concept — Gina Rodriguez ‘s performance was subpar as it was fairly sleep-inducing (which seems odd for a movie about a pandemic where humans can no longer sleep.)



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