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Report: Bill Barr is the latest Trumpian official on the brink of resignation

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But apparently he’s been considering that since at least Election Day. According to at least three newspapers including the Washington Post (Paywall) — Barr may be on his way out. Discourse between the corrupt Attorney General and Donald Trump first grew after Barr publicly refused to acknowledge Trump ‘s claims of election fraud.

Trump on numerous occasions has threatened to do ‘all he can’ to overturn the election and has demanded that Barr investigate the so-called claims of vote tampering and the like. Barr, however, did at least investigate the apparent claims at least once and found no critical evidence to suggest the claims were plausible on a wide scale.

Barr may step down before 20 January, when Trump is scheduled to officially leave office. The resignation likely would lead to a temporary AG, er, someone who probably is a Trump loyality and willing to do far more damage.



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