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Here’s the latest on a new COVID relief bill

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The new COVID relief bill looks like it is on its way and it includes some of the demands made by Americans and their allies but not all. It looks like for the most part the U.S government has once again won in defeating its own people in the midst of a worsening natural disaster.

According to reports, lawmakers are scheduled to announce a pandemic relief bill tomorrow totaling more than $908B. That bill will not include $1,200 checks to Americans — however will include enhanced unemployment like before. That level of unemployment will come out to an extra $300 for Americans until further in the future at least a total of four months.

Multiple members of both aisles, however, have expressed their dismay with the bill. Notably, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is leading the charge against any form of liability protections for businesses (mostly those who have already and in well documented fashion) who ignored CDC guidelines when re-opening. Those protections would make it impossible for a business to be held accountable for lackluster protections while employees are on the job.

Housing evictions would also see an extension, but, Republicans want to be done with the issue and instead are leaving the bulk of the pandemic relief legislation(s) to a new Congress and Joe Biden.



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