The U.S has recorded more daily COVID-19 deaths than EVER as the virus rages once more

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With inaction from the Trump Administration because of faulty claims of election interference —- America has a reckoning happening before our very eyes. America must face the Coronavirus and uppend the failure to properly address it — or a ton of people should expect to die from it. It is both sad as it is terrifying as many Americans have been left to go hungry; almost homeless, and nearly die at the hands of a country that could care less.

Yesterday, John Hopkins reported that for the first time more COVID deaths occurred in a day than ever before. Per the latest numbers, 2800+ people died yesterday from either the virus. As many continue to travel and gear up for Christmas travel — it is expected that thousands more will die before Christmas Eve alone. Many people who went to Thanksgiving with ther families, and this is just the hard truth, likely won’t live to see Christmas.

It was a gamble many Americans were willing to take under the guise of “my body my choice.” Meanwhile a leaked WH report acknowledges that There may not be a way out vaccine or not. All of America is in danger.



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