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Ghislaine Maxwell poised to make yet another bid for freedom, although whether it will happen remains uncertain

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British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, who was famously charged in the years following Jeffrey Epstein ‘s death for aiding and abetting his crimes — wants out of prison on grounds of COVID. For the third time at least, Maxwell is now gunning to make private court hearings a thing amid a quest to be freed from prison.

The problem with that is Ghislaine, per reports, is still very much considered a flight risk given her immense wealth and glamorous connections. Per jail records, she’s been held at a Brooklyn Detention Centre since her initial arrest after several years on the lam. Jail officials haven’t confirmed much about her life behind bars, although, through her lawyers she’s made many if not erroneous claims since her imprisonment.

Among those, Maxwell claims that she has been mistreated; isn’t allowed to a wear a bra (suicide watch), and allegedly isn’t allowed the right to privacy with her lawyers. It remains to be seen if a judge will even consider granting her the right to await trial out of prison — mostly because common sense says she’ll probably flee.

Maurene Comey, who is prosecuting, has rejected the idea of a private hearing and has written to the judge in question.



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