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Why you won’t ever see big ticket corporate stuff on our newspapers

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Despite consistent efforts —- we have no interest in corporate showoffs. Over the years (at the UK version anyway) and now the American version there have been quite a few attempts to have major corporate intervention. We’re not interested. We do just fine with our advertising budget; occasional sponsored advertising, and rather large viewership from our fairly loyal returning readers.

As writers; bloggers, and journalists we’ve made it our mission never to insult our readers by adding in much of anything to do with the corporate world. In fact, we aren’t owned by a corporation at all. We’re owned by a private family who has no links to the corporate world or anything of the kind. While the same cannot be said for the UK version of this newspaper —- we’re happiest where we are.

With that being said, we appreciate the corporate interest in our newspaper and even the versions we have yet to launch (we’re launching in Romania and Africa in the coming weeks.)

Happy Holidays America,

Daily News America



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