20 Jun, 2024

Onlyfans performers accused of sexual assault after publishing shocking footage that should’ve never been online

A pair of shocking videos are making their rounds on the internet and before anyone asks we’re not showing them here. Bazaar Daily America discovered a series of videos published by Onlyfans performers Jacobi and another named Alex. The Lowdown The footage seen by Bazaar Daily America also sees adult film veteran Castro Supreme make […]

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Project Veritas goes bust

Project Veritas the widely criticized sting video operation has ‘ceased operations’ following layoffs once more across the group. According to Mediaite, the troubled right-wing video group known for its intentionally edited videos of media figures and politicians claims it will continue to operate despite laying off staff but that remains unclear. The group in recent […]

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Elon Musk has announced that soon everyone will be req’d to pay a small monthly fee to access the X platform (but you should NOT enter your CC info on the site)

The often unpredictable X has made its next move. According to announcements by Musk, the company is gearing up to begin charging every single user a small monthly fee in order to continue to access the app. Musk might find this a hard sell considering half of X didn’t sign up for Blue in the […]

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Read: These are the letters that landed Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis in hot-water amid claims they tried to downplay Danny Masterson‘s victims

The letters which appear to be character letters actually appear to double as something that seems like they were written straight out of the book of Scientology. Their not so smart apology is also below. Featuring heavily lawyered language and Scientology like stuff — read them below.

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Riding on nostalgia, Hasbro has announced that they’re resurrecting the Furby

Hasbro would like the world to know that it has been a very long time since Furby was originally released. In celebration of the toy’s 25th anniversary, Hasbro announced on Friday that the iconic toy would be coming back. First having appeared on shelves 25 years ago, the oddly shaped furry companions were quite popular […]

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University of Minnesota accused of benefiting from genocide of Native Americans

A new report by a research group at the University of Minnesota has people talking. In it, it is disclosed how it is now understood that the school has a far darker past than originally thought. Such a dark past that those who embarked on the mission to investigate the school’s history with Native Americans […]

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